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A single supplier capable of solving all the problems and challenges of the metalworking industry in relation to welding.

Today’s metalworking industry needs and demands a comprehensive solution to its problems.

Now you have to be perfect: have the most modern equipment on the market, qualified personnel to operate it, a speedy maintenance service for the equipment, efficient technical advice to reduce superfluous costs…

Our customers, the companies, also need to be efficient in solving their problems, which is why Tesol has evolved into a comprehensive welding services consultancy.

A comprehensive technology consultancy and maintenance service

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Sale of welding-related equipment and consumables

Materials, automation, safety, gases, equipment. Tesol’s sales team brings to its customers the latest innovations in the world market.

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Technical advice before, during and after purchase

We research and analyse products from major manufacturers around the world to recommend the one that best suits the customer’s needs.

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Training to adapt to new technologies

We improve the quality and speed of production by teaching welders around the world how to operate the latest equipment.

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Assembly and maintenance of equipment

Tesol personnel carry out all the installation of the welding equipment in the factories and take care of its maintenance and modernisation.

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Advice on approvals, quality and technical control

We study and analyse the technical welding problems of companies in order to solve them in the most appropriate way.

Distribution of Tesol's business according to the different areas of work

Distribution and sales of world leading brands of equipment

Development of own high-tech equipment: robotics and automatisms



Technical assistance and advice

A single supplier to solve all the problems and challenges of the metalworking industry in relation to welding.

We operate as an internal department of metallurgical companies. We are a partner for procurement, development of our own equipment, employee training and technical advice.

TESOL is not simply an equipment distributor or a manufacturer. What makes us unique? Investment in innovation and in improving the competitiveness of companies. We allocate 26% of our business to training, approvals and technical assistance/advice.

If there is no reliable solution for your company on the market, our R&D&I department, a pioneer in the field of automation and welding robotics, will develop a customised system for you.