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What do we want to be?

Our Vision

Strategic and operational tool that proposes a long-term goal.

It defines our route to follow and helps to set short- and medium-term objectives.

It helps us to make managerial decisions and shows us, the whole Tesol community, the way forward.

"To continue to be the welding company of reference, both in terms of products, advice and training".

Our For What

Our Mission

Strategic and operational tool that synthesises the “what for” of our company.

Describe our main objectives and functions.

It inspires all of us at Tesol to recognise the value of what we do.

"Facilitating the progress, innovation, growth and generation of our customers in a way that contributes to the well-being of our society".

What do we believe in?

Our Values

Principles of action for all levels of our company.

They are the “guide” in our daily decision making.

They are focused on areas such as social responsibility, organisational improvement,

work dynamics and customer service.

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We believe that cooperation and communication with our internal and external customers allows us to detect opportunities that help us to achieve synergies.

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We believe in interpersonal relationships and cooperation, with people being the strength and personality of TESOL.

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The client

We are a customer-centric company where we actively listen to our customers with one goal in mind: to deliver an unforgettable experience that exceeds their expectations.

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Continuous improvement

Every contact, every piece of information, every project is an opportunity to innovate in our process of continuous improvement.

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We believe in the ability to have the products, means and services necessary to provide the best customer experience.

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We conduct business with ethics, respect, and transparency, building bridges with customers, employees and competitors.