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Tesol, a group that integrates the entire welding universe

Tesol Group brings together a group of companies involved in welding, from equipment manufacturing to training and consultancy for companies.

The Spanish firm is headed by Fernando Couñago, one of the pioneers in the practical research of automated welding equipment. This technology increases operator productivity and faces competition from third countries with low labour costs. The important thing is not to compete on labour costs,” Couñago is wont to say, “what is vital is to increase the productive capacity of the worker and his or her security.

The pieces that make up the Tesol Group


Founded thirty years ago to supply welding equipment to the Spanish naval and industrial sector, the company decided in the early years to set up a research laboratory which soon began to bring its own products to the market for all industrial sectors. Tesol distributes the world’s leading brands of welding equipment, safety material and spare parts, as well as providing technical consultancy services to ensure that customers’ investment in processes is as profitable as possible.


This is the Group’s training division. In addition to responding to the current needs of companies, its students are trained in the handling of the prototypes designed by Tesol, which soon end up in the main factories in the country.

Special Welding

This is our subsidiary specialising in non-conventional or technically demanding welding supplies, which require highly specialised personnel or exclusive materials that are commonly used.

Tesol Gases

The subsidiary Gases is in charge of the marketing of all types of gases for the cutting and welding industry: compressed, cryogenic, liquefied, etc.

Personality in welding has a surname: Couñago

Sometimes a company’s personality is born out of a product or a business strategy. At Tesol, the personality directly represents a person: its founder.

Fernando Couñago (Redondela, 1952) is an essential person in the last thirty years of the history of Spanish naval metallurgy. Since the formation of the first company of the Tesol Group, Couñago has studied the development of the global metallurgical market and the application of welding systems worldwide almost like an obsession. The conviction that it is always possible to weld faster and with higher quality has led him to personally develop welding automatons that are now used in shipbuilding, wind turbine construction and even in the automotive industry.

He is a strong advocate of continuous investment in innovation in his own company, and is convinced that only the most advanced technological applications can save European metallurgy in the face of competition from third parties.

"It is not a question of machines replacing man; it is a question of men operating machines that are much faster and more efficient than those of other men in other parts of the world".