Own developments and manufacturing


Tesol manufactures specialised welding equipment in order to fill the gaps that standard products cannot cover. Through its Engineering Department it develops tailor-made products according to the client's needs. 

Nuts and bolts machines

We are specialists in the manufacture of specialised equipment for welding nuts and bolts. This equipment will increase productivity. 

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Welding M6 and M8 nuts

Equipment designed to weld M6 and M8 bolts in five different references. This equipment allows rapid, on-screen reference change and the welding of five different references with the same tool by simply changing the reference and safety elements.

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Welding Ford separators

Automatic feed and welding of seven bushings with automatic feeders.

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Inverter welding with double head

Development of the solution and the manufacture of equipment for welding two points in cascade, for incorporation into the production line. The equipment has been designed to resolve the problem of allowing the equipment to be reused as a multi-purpose machine.

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Specially designed equipment for high-precision, low-intensity welding. Manufacture of electric brushes and contacts. This equipment has an extensive market in the welding of delicate elements that require precision welding, such as filters and metal mesh.

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